Annales du 16e Congrès de l'Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre

Preface – Marie-Dominique Nenna

Préface - Marie-Dominique Nenna

Editorial note

Developments in the 2nd and earlier 1st millennia BC

The raw materials of early glasses: the implications of new LA-ICPMS analyses - A.J. Shortland

A Study of Core-formed Glass Vessels Produced in the 18th Dynasty, Egypt: A comparison of the glass vessels from Ghurab and from Amarna - Kazumi Ikeda

Raw materials used to produce aegean bronze age glass and related vitreous materials - M. S. Tite, G. D. Hatton, A. J. Shortland, Y. Maniatis, D. Kavoussanaki and M. Panagiotaki

A glass workshop at the Mycenaean citadel of Tiryns in Greece - M. Panagiotaki, L. Papazoglou-Manioudaki, G. Chatzi-Spiliopoulou, E. Andreopoulou-Mangou, Y. Maniatis, M. S. Tite and A. Shortland.

The Mycenaen glass warriors – Georg Nightingale

Innovation or continuity? Early first millennium BCE glass in the Near East: the cobalt blue glasses from Assyrian Nimrud - Wendy Reade, Ian C Freestone and St John Simpson

Reconsidering the Iron Age Glass Inlays Found in Association with Carved Ivories - Maud Spaer

Protohistoric vitreous materials of Italy: from early faience to final Bronze Age glasses - Ivana Angelini, Gilberto Artioli, Paolo Bellintani, Angela Polla

The later 1st millennia BC

Colourless glass vessels from the Mausoleum at Halikarnassus - Despina Ignatiadou

The Primary Production of Glass at Hellenistic Rhodes - Thilo Rehren, Lindsay Spencer and Pavlos Triantafyllidis

Late Hellenistic Glass from some military and civilian sites in the Levant: Jebel Khalid, Pella and Jerusalem - Margaret O’Hea

A preliminary survey of the late Hellenistic glass from Maresha (Marisa), Israel - Ruth E. Jackson-Tal

What Did Jerusalem’s 1st-Century BCE Glass Workshop Produce? - Yael Israeli

The Imperial Roman world – glass-manufacture and compositions

Ateliers primaires du Wadi Natrun : nouvelles découvertes - Marie-Dominique Nenna, Maurice Picon, Valérie Thirion-Merle, Michèle Vichy

Nitrum Chalestricum. The natron of Macedonia - Despina Ignatiadou, Elissavet Dotsika, Athanassios Kouras, Yannis Maniatis

Existe-Il Un Atelier De Verriers Gallo-Romains A La Fin Du Ier Siecle, A Reims (Marne)? - Hubert Cabart

Roman enamel and enamelling: new finds from Castleford, Yorkshire - Justine Bayley

Roman period glass beakers with thread decoration (Eggers 188-192) from Poland. Technical examination - Teresa Stawiarska

Archaeometrical analysis of glass of western Emilia Romagna (Italy) from the imperial age - R. Arletti, N. Giordani, R. Tarpini, and G. Vezzalini.

The Imperial Roman world – vessels and their patterns of use

Anomalies Amongst Early Roman Mould-Blown Glass Vessels - C.S. Lightfoot

Patterns of use of Roman Glass in Slovena: some observations - Irena Lazar

La verre romain d’Erétrie, Eubée (Grèce) - Brigitte Demierre Prikhodkine

Glass from the fort at Hod Hill in Dorset and other mid-1st century hill-top sites with Roman military occupation in southern England - Jennifer Price

Mobilier funéraire avec bol en verre de la nécropole de Dorno-cascina Grande (Pavia) - Maria Grazia Diani

Quelques verres à décor gravé du Musé Archéologique National de Naples - Veronique Arveiller-Dulong and Carmen Ziviello

Black glass of 2nd to 3rd century date in Northern Gaul: a preliminary survey - Peter Cosyns and Frédéric Hanut

Glass Finds from Medinet Madi, Egypt - Flora Silvano

La circulation du verre en Méditerranée au début du IIIe siècle: le témoignage de l’épave Ouest Embiez 1 dans le sud de la France (fouilles 2001-2003) - Danièle Foy, Marie-Pierre Jézégou et Souen Fontaine

Cups for Gentlemen - H.E.M. Cool and M.J. Baxter

A fourth century assemblage of glass from the Roman villa of Can Palau (Barcelona, Spain) - Joan-manuel Coll Riera

Glass Vessel Finds from a Possible Early Fourth Century CE Church at Aila (Aqaba), Jordan - Janet Duncan Jones

The Parthian and Sasanian worlds

Mesopotamian glassware of the Parthian and Sasanian period: some notes - Mariamaddalena Negro Ponzi

Sasanian Glass From Nineveh - St John Simpson

The late Antique world

The Production of HIMT Glass: Elemental and Isotopic Evidence - Ian C Freestone, Sophie Wolf and Matthew Thirlwall

Glas Aus Ephesos: Hanghaus 1 Und Eine Werkstätte Des 6. Jahrhunderts N.Chr. Auf Der Agora - Barbara Czurda-Ruth

Chronological and economical aspects of glass lamps from the Finnish excavations at Jabal Harûn near Petra - Jeanette Lindblom

The Islamic world

Glass in early Islamic palaces; the new age of Solomon - Patricia L. Baker

Early Islamic Luxury Glass Vessels from Ramla – Local Production or Imported? - Rachel Pollak

Islamic Lustre-Stained Glass from Rāya between the 9th and 10th Centuries - Yoko Shindo

Chemical compositions of Islamic Glass from Egypt analyzed at their excavation sites with a New Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer -Takashi Sawada, Akiko Hokura, Izumi Nakai, and Yoko Shindo

Big Mamluk Buckets - Rachel Ward

Islamic glass finds of the 13th–15th century from Jerusalem: Preliminary Report - Naama Brosh

Glass from the crusader castle at Montfort - David Whitehouse

Preliminary Compositional Study of Glass from the Crusader Castle at Montfort - Mark T. Wypyski and Lisa Pilosi

Fragments of coloured glass with applied decoration found in Singapore - Brigitte Borell

Medieval and early post-Medieval Europe

Composition of Carolingian glass in Europe - K. Hans Wedepohl

Anglian glass from recent and previous excavations in the area of Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire - Sarah Jennings

Archaeomagnetic Dating of Medieval and Tudor Glassmaking Sites in Staffordshire, England -Christopher Welch and Paul Linford

High Medieval Glass Production In The Central German Low Mountain Ranges - Udo Recker

Archaeological vessel glass of the late medieval and early modern periods in the former Duchy of Brabant: An interdisciplinary approach - Danielle Caluwé

Archaeology of glass: medieval and renaissance production in Italy. Characterization and classification of production indicators: an interdisciplinary approach - M. Mendera, F. Fenzi, M. Galgani, E. Giannichedda , P. Guerriero, S. Lerma , B. Messiga, M. P. Riccardi, P. A. Vigato

La verrerie dans les anciens Pays-Bas: bilan des trouvailles archéologiques à Bruxelles (XIV e – XVII e s.) - Chantal Fontaine

Medieval and post-medieval glass from Rua da Judiaria, Almada (Portugal) - Teresa Medici

Abriss einer Typologie der mittelalterlichen Glasimporte aus Brno/Brünn, Mähren (Tschechische Republik) - Hedvika Sedláčková

The 17th and 18th centuries – studies in composition

The heritage of recipes exported by Venetian glass masters revealed in a 17th century manuscript - Cesare Moretti, Carlo Stefano Salerno and Sabina Tommasi Ferroni

English lead crystal. A critical analysis of the formulation attributed to George Ravenscroft and points not yet clear on the process for the manufacture of “flint” glass - Cesare Moretti

English 17th century crystal glass study: phase 1 - Colin Brain and David Dungworth

The scientific study of late 17th Century Glassworking at Silkstone, England - David Dungworth

Central European crystal glass of the first half of the 18 th century - Jerzy Kunicki-Goldfinger, Joachim Kierzek, Piotr Dzierżanowski and Aleksandra J. Kasprzak

The 17th and 18th centuries – vessels and their use

John Greene’s glass designs 1667 - 167? - Colin and Sue Brain

The Kit-Cat Club decanter - Simon Cottle

L’influence anglaise sur la morphologie du verre liégeois dans la deuxième moitié du XVIIème siècle - Janette Lefrancq

Evolution and popularisation of the Catalan façon de venise in the eighteenth century - Ignasi Doménech

The dating and typology of British and Irish cut glass decoration, 1700 – 1840 - Andrew Rudebeck

English and Irish Contributions to the La Granja Royal Glass Factory - Paloma Pastor Rey de Viñas

The Stephens Brothers and the Royal Glassworks at Marinha Grande -Jenifer Roberts

The 19th and 20th centuries

‘On hearing it was Irish [they] said it could not be good’: A week in the life of a Waterford glass travelling salesman, 25 August – 1 September 1832 - Anna Moran

Opaque coloured glass from the Holyrood Glassworks - John Ford’s Jasper ware. - Jill Turnbull

The automatic crystal fountain - Jane Shadel Spillman

British Influence on Shinagawa Glassworks - Japan ’s First Industrial Glass Factory - Akiko Inoue Osumi

Schlesisches Glas - einst und jetzt - Sibylle Jargstorf

Lost-clay moulding and low-temperature kiln-casting: two revolutions for pâte-de-verre - Frédéric Morin and Salomé

Beads and other ornaments

Mosaic Glass Necklaces from Ptolemaic Egypt. Gifts for Deities and the Deceased - SusanH. Auth.

Pendentifs en verre sur noyau. Nouvelle contribution. - Teresa Carreras Rossell.

Pre-Roman glass beads in Belgium - P.Cosyns, E.Warmenbol, J.Bourgeois, P.Degryse

Javanese (Jatim) beads in late 5th to early 6th century Korean (Silla) tombs - James W. Lankton, In-Sook Lee, and Jamey D. Allen

The use of glass in Byzantine jewellery. The evidence from Northern Greece (4th-16th centuries) - Anastasios Antonaras

Early medieval glass beads from Prague Castle and its surrounding. Typological and chemical classification of the finds - Eva Černá, Václav Hulínský, Kateřina Tomková, Zuzana Cílová

Studies in Window glass and glazing

Evolution of the French stained glass compositions during the Middle Ages - Sophie Lagabrielle and Bruce Velde

The stained glass windows of the Sainte Chapelle in Paris: investigations on the origin of the loss of the painted work - M. Verità, C. Nicola, G. Sommariva

Composition of 13–17th century glass from non-figurative windows in secular buildings excavated in Belgium - Olivier Schalm, Hilde Wouters, Koen Janssens

A post-Medieval Glaziers’ Workshop in Chester and its Antecedents - Ian Archibald

The painted tablets from the collection of the National museum of Slovenia – The problem of provenance - Mateja Kos

The conservation of two 17th-century enamelled stained-glass windows by Jan de Caumont in the Abbey’t Park in Leuven, Belgium ( Flanders ) -- Joost M.A. Caen

Gain without Loss? Stained Glass Restoration in 2003 - Sebastian Strobl

Conserving collections

A French Feast: The Corning Theater in Context - Stephen P. Koob and Jutta Annette Page

Investigation of the Corrosion of 17th Century Façon de Venise Glass Using Advanced Surface Analysis Techniques - Sarah Fearn, David S. McPhail, Victoria Oakley

Deteriorating 19th and 20th Century British Glass in the National Museums of Scotland - Katherine Eremin, Belén Cobo del Arco, Laurianne Robinet and Lorraine Gibson

Fakes, Imitations and Re-use

Identification of false gems on objects from the middle ages - Isabelle Biron and Anne Françoise Cannella

The Bonus Eventus Plaque: Changing Materials, Changing Perceptions - Ian C Freestone and Veronica Tatton-Brown

Toward an understanding of nineteenth-century imitations of Mamluk enameled and gilded glass - Stefano Carboni and Julian Henderson

Francesco Sibilio and the Re-use of Ancient Roman Glass in the 19th Century - Martine S. Newby

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