This site provides information about the Association internationale pour l'histoire du verre (AIHV) - what it is, how to join, where to buy our publications and how to find out about our congresses.

We are an international organisation devoted to advancing knowledge about glass - its use, history and aesthetic qualities from antiquity to present times.

We hold a congress every three years and publish the papers that are given in the series Annales de l'AIHV. Every six month, members receive an information letter containing the announcements of conferences, colloquia and exhibitions as well as well as a bibliographical update.

The last congress was held in Switzerland in Fribourg and in Romont, from Monday 7 to 11th September 2015.

The next congress will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, at 2018.

Important information for members:
Please visit the AIHV papers section for the minutes of the General Assemblies in Venice 1998, Corning 2001, London 2003, Antwerp 2006, Thessaloniki 2009, Piran 2012 and the current accounts.

This site is maintained by Anastassios Antonaras and Brigitte Demierre Prikhodkine.