Minutes of the 2012 General Assembly of the Association Internationale pour l’Histoire du Verre (AIHV): September 19, 2012.

The meeting took place at 7 pm in the office of the Institute of Archaeology in Piran. Marie-Dominique Nenna, the president, called the meeting to order. There were 17 board members and executive committee members present:

BOARD: Despina Ignatiadou, David Whitehouse, Marie-Dominique Nenna, Jane Shadel Spillman , Irena Lazar, Huib Tijssens.

Elected Executive Committee Members: Yoko Shindo, Marianne Stern, Maria Grazia Diani, Lisa Pilosi, Sylvia Fünfschilling.

Presidents of National Committees: Jennifer Price (standing in for Justine Bayley), Malou Majerus (luxembourg), Yael Gorin-Rosen (Israel),, Anastassios Antonaras (Greece), , Veronique Arveiller (France), Giuseppina Malfatti(Italy).

Dr. Nenna announced the deaths since the last congress in 2009, of long-time members Cesare Moretti, Dan Barag, Axel von Saldern, Veronica Tatton-Brown and Hans van Vliet.

Dr. Ignatiadou gave a report on the recent publication of the ANNALES of the last congress in Thessaloniki. It is currently in the mail to the paid-up members, and she passed around a copy. Because this is a very long volume, it was time-consuming to have it edited by people in different countries, which accounts for the delay in publication. The editorial committee consisted of Nadia Coustinas, Ian C. Freestone, Sylvia Fünfschilling, Caroline Jackson, Janet Duncan Jones, Marie-Dominique Nenna, Lisa Pilosi, Maria Plastira-Valkanou, Jennifer Price, Jane Shadel Spillman, Marco Verita and David Whitehouse. Unfortunately, because of the length of the volume, printing has gone over budget. There were 500 copies produced, and the extras will be sold for 50 Euros by Ziti Publications. Authors will get PDF’s.

David Whitehouse moved that the Board express its gratitude to Dr. Ignatiadou, and Dr. Antonaras for all of their work on the volume. The motion was seconded and the Board did so. Vols. 15 and 16 are now out of print but have been digitized free of charge, through Dr. Nenna and The Centre d’Etudes Alexandrines and are available on the AIHV website. Marianne Stern suggested that we might do the same with Vols. 1-10 of the ANNALES. We should look into the cost of doing this. Dr. Price believes that Justine Bayley has some copies of Vol. 16 left [Dr. Bayley has 22 copies of Annales 16 and 45 copies of Annales 14] and Huib Tijssens announced that he also has some copies which were held by Jan-Egbert, the previous treasurer. The Society of Antiquaries in London has a complete set of the ANNALES as does the Rakow Library of The Corning Museum of Glass.

The organization of this Congress went well; the Call for Papers was published in time and the papers were peer-reviewed before being accepted. This system should be used in the future.

There were 27 applicants for bursaries coming from the following countries: 3 Italian, 3 Czech,2 Croatian, 2 Polish, 2 Romanian (one from Italy), 2 Russian, 2 Slovakian, 2 British, 1 Albanian, 1 Bielorussian,, 1 Greek, 1 Macedonian, 1 Portuguese, 1 Serbian, 1 Turkish, 1 Hungarian, 1 Thai. There were 8 graduate students, 15 in positions and 4 retirees. Ten bursaries could be given and these went to the following:

Mario da Cruz, Kata Dévai, Cristina Draghici, Claire P. Finn, Monica Ganio, Milica Krizanac, Krystsina Lavysh, Szilamer Panczel, James Peake, Nikolina Topic. The amounts varied from 600 to 800 E. and they did not have to pay the registration fee, thanks to the organizing committee of the 19th Congress. Huib said that he did not want to hand out bursaries in cash, and mentioned that in Thessaloniki, Jan-Egbert had been robbed when he was carrying large amounts of cash. He thinks that it would be better to transfer the money to the local committee and have them hand out the bursaries as the recipients register.

Marie-Do mentioned that Daniel Keller, who has been doing the Newsletter for the past 3 years, is not able to continue due to his job as a librarian at the University of Basel. She suggested that we give him a three year membership as a thank you for his work, and the Board agreed to that.

She announced that AIHV has been invited by Ann de-Pury-Gysel to hold the next Congress in September, 2015 in Switzerland at the University of Fribourg and the Vitro Musée de Romont. The organizing committee will be Erwin Baumgartner, Sylvia Fünfschillnig, Ann de Pury-Gysel, Stefan Trumpler, and Sophia Wolff. David Whitehouse moved and Jennifer Price seconded that the invitation be accepted. The Board voted to accept.

Marie-Do announced that she, Despina Ignatiadou, David Whitehouse and Jane Spillman will all retire from the Board. She would like to nominate Sylvia Fünfschilling as President , Anastassios Antonaras as General Secretary, Maria Grazia Diani and Karol Wight as new Board members. The Executive Committee also needs new members so she has asked Erwin Baumgartner, Caroline Jackson, Yoko Shindo, Lisa Pilosi and Marianne Stern to join the Executive Committee and she will stay on it as well.

There was also a discussion of the rising number of scientific papers at the last few congresses, many of which were difficult for non-scientists to understand. The Executive Committee feels that the speakers should stress the history of glass, and that they would hope for more post-medieval papers and later papers in the future. Many of the European scholars belong to the ICOM-Glass Committee and go there instead.

The Board voted to approve the financial report and the minutes of the last meeting, and to keep the dues at 30 Euros per year. There are 63,000 Euros in the bank.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

Respectfully submitted,
Jane Shadel Spillman
General Secretary, AIHV